Wishing For Life’s Rainy Days To Go Away, Singer-Songwriter Cindy Zhang Drops New Album

Wishing For Life’s Rainy Days To Go Away, Singer-Songwriter Cindy Zhang Drops New Album

Wishing For Life’s Rainy Days To Go Away, Singer-Songwriter Cindy Zhang Drops New Album
Making a wish this 11.11 for life’s rainy days to go away, Asian-American singer-songwriter Cindy Zhang reveals her honest vulnerability in her upcoming album Songs For Rainy Days, an anthology that enchantingly portrays every aspect of love; from the meeting to the end, to the hurting and healing. Weaving romantic interactions within soulful arrangements and heartfelt lyrics, Cindy’s velvety smooth vocals tug at the heartstrings with every hanging note. Expressing her ever-growing musicality, the album is a thoughtful ode chronicling the ups and downs of modern romance. The album will be officially released on all digital platforms on Friday, 11 November 2022.

Songs for Rainy Days features collaborations with South Korean indie-producer LambC, Korean-American singer-songwriter Sarah Kang, hip-hop rapper okhissa and Grenada-born R&B artist Josh Berkeley. In the 2 years since releasing her debut album Voice Memos in 2020, Cindy has grown more adventurous in exploring different genres and sounds, sharpening her production skills, producing more heartwarming and soulful songs to soothe the heart. Making a comeback with this emotionally-rich album, Cindy’s honeyed vocals dive into themes of love and escapism.

Evoking sentiments of warm nostalgia, Songs for Rainy Days encompasses Cindy’s growth and change in her 20s; all with the relatable ups and downs of the emotional struggles in relationships. Consisting of a vast array of genres - Jazz, City Pop, R&B and classical music, Cindy describes the album as one very personal to her. “It captures the butterflies of falling in love, as well as the hurting and healing from losing love. If you’re having a ‘rainy day’ or “gloomy day”, there will be songs in this album to cheer you up.” “Throughout the album, you’ll hear a lot of live string quartets, as well as some beautiful harp parts.” 

Cindy shared, being heavily involved in the production of the album. “I grew up playing the violin, so I really wanted to introduce orchestral instruments that you don’t normally hear in R&B and Pop nowadays.”

Cindy’s best pick of the album? The title track “Song For Rainy Days” of course. “It’s my favourite song! I think it captures a warm, cozy feeling of safety that a loved one can give you on a cold, rainy day.” 

With years of anticipation built up by her loyal fans, Cindy decided to release the album on November 11 (11.11), a special date signifying new beginnings, embarking on a new path. By surprising fans with this brand new album, Cindy mentioned, “I hope that you can relate to the songs in this new album and that they bring you warmth and joy during your rainy days.” Accompanying the album with the visuals to match, fans can anticipate a lyric video and visualizer music video to be released in the coming weeks as well.


1. Song for Rainy Days [Title Track]

2. Wednesday

3. Confession (feat. LambC)

4. Stop Messaging Me

5. One Way Ticket

6. Disposable (feat. Josh Berkeley)

7. Plastic Love

8. Numbers (feat. Sarah Kang, okhissa)

9. Finish Line (Acoustic)

10. Stay The Same

About Cindy Zhang

At the tender age of 7, Asian-American Cindy Zhang started her foray into the world of music with classical violin, later joining the a cappella community and developing her love for jazz while studying under Grammy-winning producer Kamau Kenyatta.

Based in the US, she nurtured her skills as a producer and became involved in all aspects of her artistry, from songwriting to producing her music. A hidden gem in the making, she carved a name for herself, earning the privilege of performing for Sofar Sounds Los Angelos, San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle, gaining traction for her mesmerizing musicality. Her single ‘Moon River’ charted in Hong Kong and in the span of less than a year, she released her debut album 'Voice Memos'. The album connected her with more fans from all over Asia, including Indonesia, Taiwan, and Thailand. 

Cindy musically journals her personal experiences with an RnB/neo-soul songwriting style, her eclectic sound influenced by the likes of Lianne La Havas, Tom Misch, and Mac Ayres.