YGIG, PLUUS Release Cosmic Back-To-Back Comeback Single “Universe”

YGIG, PLUUS Release Cosmic Back-To-Back Comeback Single “Universe”

YGIG, PLUUS Release Cosmic Back-To-Back Comeback Single “Universe”
YGIG and PLUUS dropped back-to-back cosmic and LSS-inducing singles that will surely make both WeGo and SUM fandoms go wild and crazy.

The two powerhouse groups in the P-Pop scene unveiled their respective singles, both titled “Universe”.

YGIG’s “Universe” was written by YGIG members themselves. They aimed to spotlight the celebration of individuality and uniqueness. Their intent was to underscore the importance of self-acceptance and embracing one's own identity, advocating against comparison and the pressure to conform. The essence conveyed is that everyone possesses their own distinct and personal universe. 

"YGIG's Universe" is a soft-pop track infused with a blend of dancehall rhythms and soothing guitar melodies, offering an easily accessible listening experience. Through this song, YGIG has established another layer of their artistic identity. Building upon their previous releases, "Universe" propels listeners beyond their existing repertoire.
And of course, there’s the “Universe” by PLUUS, a very catchy dance pop song with minimal sound and disco rhythm guitars. It is a song that the PLUUS members gave justice and meaning to. Crafted by PLUUS members Haro, Theo, JL, Yen, Justin, and Gab, the lyrics of this song are a heartfelt tribute to their devoted fanbase, SUM. 

Describing their fans as the vital missing piece of a puzzle that forms their ideal paradise, the boys convey a profound appreciation. The song eloquently expresses how the love and support of their fans can transform emptiness into beauty, culminating in a harmonious and perfect universe.

To support the release of these two singles, SBTown produced the SBT Own Universe Tour. It’s a series of mall shows that started last April 14 so they can see their beloved WeGo and SUM live and up close in different cities here in the country. 

The tour is ongoing and more dates will be added. Likewise, both songs were playlisted on P-Pop On The Rise on Spotify PH.