Hearing-impaired MUPH candidate proves she is more than her disability

Hearing-impaired MUPH candidate proves she is more than her disability

Hearing-impaired MUPH candidate proves  she is more than her disability
Patricia Bianca Tapia, the representative of the overseas Filipino community in Hawaii may be the 'silent slayer' for this year’s Miss Universe Philippines pageant. Not considered as an early frontrunner, but Bianca managed to clenched a spot in the Top 5 of ‘Swimsuit’ and ‘Up Close and Personal Personality Interview’ challenge.

During the Preliminary Interview, Bianca recounted how her disability shaped her growing up years. “I was actually born in the Philippines and I immigrated to United states when I was four years old. I was born 2 months early so I developed a hearing impairment.” 

“This was something that was very difficult for me because I was a Tagalog speaker, and moving to the United States, I had to pick up English and it was challenging for me and I felt prejudice and marginalized growing up. 

“But it was only when I realized that I was so much than that and started an organization at my high school that connected people with disabilities and the students from the general population where we did weekly activities together, I realized how capable I was and how I can make other people laugh and how much of an impact I have in the universe.”
Bianca also shared about her work as a Youth Director for TanaueƱos in the U.S. “It’s based in California, and what we do is we bridge the gap between the people in the United States and in Tanauan, Batangas --- that's where my roots are. We develop a lot social causes and programs that gives back to the community specifically in the Philippines. 

“And as a Youth Director, my goal is to develop orientations and workshops for the youth so that they can remain inspired and have the necessary resources to go about the world and reach their goals.”

The 26-year-old beauty queen who champions for inclusive education then expressed how she will promote her advocacy. “By definitely being that example. I think often times, not only in education but also in the job market, those with disabilities are overlooked. I think it's really important that me, being someone with a hearing impairment, to continuously use my platforms, to continuously develop programs and really just use my voice so that people can hear me and people can see that we are so much more than our insecurities and disabilities. 

“We only have one life and I think we are so capable and we're all built the same. We're all human beings so I just really hope to be that voice,” Bianca told.
On why she should be the next Miss Universe Philippines: “…because there is not a day that I put my best foot forward. I hope that when I die tomorrow, I will be happy. And I know that I will, because I always give my best in everything that I do. 

“And I also have a story to tell not only for those with disabilities, but I will also fight for everyone that needs me to be that voice because I know not everybody can do it but I will be and I will continue to be an inspiration for everyone around.”