The Ransom Collective unveils vibrant comeback single “3 AM”, their first new song in 3 years

The Ransom Collective unveils vibrant comeback single “3 AM”, their first new song in 3 years

The Ransom Collective unveils vibrant comeback single “3 AM”, their first new song in 3 years

Today, indie-folk band The Ransom Collective officially reveals their much-anticipated comeback single this 2022 called “3 AM” and it’s their first song release in over three years.

The six-piece band is still the fun and warm musicians their fans used to love. Composed of Kian Ransom (main vocals, guitar), Redd Claudio (drums), Jermaine Choa Peck (percussions, vocals), Leah Halili (bass, vocals), Lily Gonzales (keyboards, vocals), and Muriel Gonzales (violin, vocals), TRC remained solid in spite of being apart for the past few years since some of them decided to stay out of the country.

According to the group, the song is a story that outlines a journey from resistance to acceptance. It touches on the struggles of letting go and the triumph and growth that eventually come out of the process.

It’s about learning to accept the harsh realities of life with less resistance and benefit from the peace and clarity that comes with it, according to Kian, who happens to be the songwriter of “3 AM.”

“Personally, I've struggled with trying to force things into being what I want or hope for them to be, rather than accepting things for what they really are. It's easy to develop tunnel vision and not realize that blind spots are being developed. The more resistant I am, the more entrenched I become, and eventually it blows up. Recently, through a mix of experiences, I became aware of this pattern and am learning to be more honest and vulnerable with myself and others,” he states.

The album artwork design was also their idea and it was made from different artsy paper cut outs.

The band admitted that although it was reworked several times, they enjoyed the whole recording process of this catchy track since they “found a direction they really liked.” In fact, “3 AM” is their “most heavily tracked song yet”, Redd and Jermaine recalled during the quick yet fun IG live midnight salubong for its release.  There’s just a lot of elements to hear and feel here.

Anchored by a vigorous vibe plus a feel-good groove, the additional horn section added a whole new spice to the song’s overall sound, of course, with the help of song producers Mikey Amistoso and Marco De Leon.

As for their followers, expect “3 AM” to be just as anthemic as their previous hits. TRC also plans to finally dust themselves off, reunite, and play live shows again in the Metro hopefully next year. “We just wanted to have fun again, just enjoy making music,” Jerms gleefully shares.

“3 AM” is now out on all digital platforms under Mustard Music, a Universal Records Philippines sub-label and is part of New Music Friday Philippines playlist on Spotify for this week.